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Proof of Required Vaccinations
Use the form below if you were unable to provide your dog's proof of vaccinations when you completed your class registration form. 

Olean Kennel Club requires that all dogs entering the club's facility are up-to-date on the following vaccines:

  • DHPP, DAPP, or DA2PP (sometimes also referred to as the 5-in-1 vaccine) which protects against:

    • Canine Distemper

    • Parvovirus

    • Canine Hepatitis (CAV-1)

    • Canine Parainfluenza

  • Rabies (for dogs 6 months and older)

Annual vaccination for Bordetella (kennel cough) is strongly recommended, but not required.

We also require that your dog have a negative (meaning found free of parasites) fecal test within the last 6 months.

Please use the upload buttons below

to provide us with your dog's vaccination records,

rabies certificate (tags are NOT acceptable proof

and proof of negative fecal test. 


You can either ask your vet's office to email you these records as a pdf or jpg file, or you can scan or take a clear picture of your paper records.  It is acceptable to have all records in one pdf file. You do not need to use all of the upload links below.

Upload IMAGE File
Upload DOCUMENT File
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